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Global Gymnastics Club is located in Aurora, Ontario. Club is run by coaches with extensive international experience. Club offers Recreational and Competitive programs with certified coaches across 12,000 square feet facility with new equipment. We also offer Summer and March Break camps as well Birthday Parties.


  • Gymnastics develops strength, balance, coordination, spatial awareness and ability to focus
  • It boosts self-esteem, confidence and discipline that positively reflects in a greater academic achievements and overall health
  • Gymnastics skills and training can be helpful in other sports by giving advantage in coordination and strength
  • Gymnastics is fun! Children learn, enjoy training sessions and make lifetime friends



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March break camp

Summer Camp

at Global Gymnastics

Birthday Parties

Are you looking for an activity filled Birthday party for your child? Our fun birthday parties are offered for all children that are 3 years and older

Birthday Party Policies

  • Deposit is $50 and is non-refundable.
  • Fee in full must be paid 1 week prior to the rental date.
  • The gym office must be given 1 week notice of any changes in numbers.
  • Children that are 3 years old must be accompanied on the floor by a parent.
  • The gym reserves the right to have other groups or programs running at the same time (although events will not interfere with each other).
  • You must supply a complete list of names of all participants.

Group Bookings

  • Group bookings are for elementary schools, pre-schools, daycares, or groups who would like to have fun and do basic gymnastic skills.
  • One adult must be available for groups except for elementary schools in which case a physical education teacher must be present.
  • $6 per child for one hour of gym time with minimum 8 children per booking.
  • Payment must be made to Global gymnastics club prior to gym time.

We accept payment by Cash, Cheque, Debit and Visa.
Global gymnastics is a nut Free zone.



  • Families enrolling more than one child during the same session will receive a 10% discount on the lower class fee.
  • A single athlete enrolling in more than one class will receive a 10% discount on the lower class fee.
  • Fees can be paid by Visa, Debit, Cash or Cheque.
  • Refunds will not be given. A credit will be applied to another session for medical reasons only.
  • Recreational classes that are missed may be made up within the current session in case of illness only (maximum 2 classes).
  • $45 non-refundable annual membership fee that includes Gymnastics Ontario fee is applied to every participant.
  • We reserve a right to cancel any class with insufficient registrations. You will be notified by phone only if class of your first choice is not available.


Sasha Sirenko

Level 4 coach

Nataliia Sirenko

Level 3 coach

Viktoria Khalyavka

Level 3 coach

Joanne Reburn

Level 2 coach

Mariya Volyk

Level 2 coach


Sasha Sirenko

Oleksandra (Sasha) Sirenko has coached artistic gymnastics for over 35 years, 12 of those years in Canada. She is a Level 4 coach with extensive experience in both the Recreational and Competitive Programs. She started gymnastics at the age of 7 and trained at the Sport School Olympic in Kirovograd, Ukraine. She competed at the Ukraine National and Cup Championships and at couple of international competitions. She graduated university in Physical Education and received the Coaches’ Certificate and as a coach, was awarded the titles of Master of Sport and Merited Coach of Ukraine. She was the Head Coach of the Ukraine Junior Team (1990 - 2001) where the team won Junior European Championships and the Junior Olympic Games. She sent 2 gymnasts to the 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games. As the Head Coach of a Saskatchewan club, Sasha developed and increased the enrolment of the Competitive and Recreational programs. At an Ontario club, where she was the Head Coach, she again developed both the Comp and Rec programs. She has had athletes at all levels and six of her gymnasts have earned scholarship to US universities.

Nataliia Sirenko

Nataliia (Natasha) is a Level 3 Coach and has coached Artistic Gymnastics for 13 years, 5 of those years in Canada. She started gymnastics at age 6 and some of her accomplishments include:

  • 3rd at the European Championships
  • Earned status of International Level Gymnasts in the Ukraine
  • European Championship 1998: 3rd
  • University Games 2001 in China: 5th
  • Ukrainian Championships 1st
  • Ukrainian Championships 2001: 1st
  • World Championships 2001: 6th
  • Won many international competitions in Australia, Italy, Canada, France and Slovakia.
She graduated in 2003 from the Ukrainian National University in Physical Education and completed her education and training in the specialty of “Olympic and Professional Sport”. She earned the title of the Master of Sport of International Level and was a member of the Ukrainian National Gymnastics team. In Saskatchewan, Natasha was the Assistant Coach for 3 years and then promoted to the Head Coach for the Competitive Program. She has taken athletes to Winter Games at the National Level and to Elite Canada. Natasha has prepared two National High Performance athletes and has solid experience in the Recreational Program.

Mariya Volyk



  • Recreational gymnastics coach
  • Working with kids ages 2-18 years old
  • Coaching Can Gym programs and Teen Gym


  • Coaching Recreational Gymnastics to kids from 3-12 years old


  • Teaching kids to read in write in Ukrainian
  • Organized activities and games


  • University of Regina - Faculty of Kinesiology 2013
  • Thorn Collegiate High School - Grade 12 Diploma


  • Excellent communication skills, fluent in English, Ukrainian
  • Strong multitasking skills
  • Ability to meet goals
  • Intend to learn new skills


  • NCCP Level 1 Coach in training
  • Respect in Sport
  • First Aid and CPR Level C

Joanne Reburn

Joanne, who has a Bachelor of Applied Arts Degree from Ryerson University, has been part of the Gymnastics world for over fifteen years. Her first steps were as a parent of a National Level gymnast. This quickly led to taking nationally recognized coaching courses, until she completed both her Artistic Level 2 Women's gymnastics and Trampoline Level 1 certification programs. Not only does Joanne love teaching all levels of gymnastics, but she treats each child individually so they can pursue and progress in gymnastics at their own unique pace. In our gym every child can feel successful, whether it is mastering a somersault, a cartwheel or receiving a first place medal in a competition! More recently, Joanne's focus has included the pre-competitive and invitational level gymnastics' programs. Her ability to create circuits/stations at each of the four women's events, (bars, vault, floor and beam) to increase learning of specific skills has enabled her athletes to learn their gymnastics more quickly and effectively. This can be demonstrated by the success of her athletes at competitions. Joanne enjoys being a part of the Global Gymnastics Team/Family under Head Coach Sasha Sirenko, who has extensive knowledge and understanding of the sport of gymnastics.

Viktoria Khalyavka

Enthusiastic, disciplined and dedicated coach with over 15 years of coaching experience that has led athletes to many medals and awards. Viktoriya is fully certified artistic gymnastics level 2 coach and is currently working towards level 3. She also holds level 1 coach in tumbling and has accomplished Master of Sport in tumbling.


Address: 6 Vata Crt. Unit #6, Aurora, ON, L4G 4B6
Phone:+1 905 503 5225

Summer Camp

at Global Gymnastics

2018-2019 Season Achievements and Results

California Grand International 2018 - 6 Medals: 4 Gold and 2 Silver

  • Portia Dryden: Gold medal with team Ontario, 1 st All-around, 2 gold and 2 silver (Level 8)

International Gymnix 2019 – 25 Medals: 10 Gold, 6 Silver, 9 Bronze

  • Siena Vavala: 3 rd All-around, 1 gold (Level 9)
  • Mya Graham: 1 st All-round, 2 silver (Level 8)
  • Mikayla Wolf: 2 bronze (Level 8)
  • Portia Dryden: 1 silver, 1 bronze (Level 8)
  • Danielle Baio: 1 st All-round, 2 gold, 1 bronze (Level 7)
  • Abigail Smith: 1 bronze (Level 7)
  • Katelynne Godden: 2 nd All-round ,1 silver, 2 bronze (Level 6)
  • Keira Lokker: 2 nd All-round, 2 gold (Level 6)
  • Alexis Sgro: 1 st All-round, 2 gold, 1 bronze (Level 6)

Provincial Championship 2019 - 9 Medals: 2 Gold, 3 Silver, 4 Bronze

  • Lily Sihapanya: 3 rd All-round, 1 silver (National Novice)
  • Portia Dryden: 1 st All-round, 1 bronze (Level 8)
  • Mya Graham: 3 rd All-round (Level 8)
  • Jessica Armstrong: 1 bronze (Level 7)
  • Keira Lokker: 1 gold (Level 6)
  • Katya Kravchenko: 1 silver (Level 6)
  • Katelynne Godden: 1 silver (Level 6)

Eastern Championship 2019 - 4 Medals: 2 Gold, 2 Bronze

  • Portia Dryden: Gold medal with team Ontario, 1 gold on vault, 2 bronze (Level 8)

National Championship 2019 - 1 medal

  • Lily Sihapanya: Silver on beam and 6 th All-around (National Novice)
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Registration available by phone and in person

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Download Schedule Summer 2020

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Recreational Program Schedule: Spring 2020

Program Price Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Parents & Tots
(Accompanied by Adult)
18 month-3yrs
45 min
$210 3:45-4:30
Junior (boys & girls)
Kindergym 3-5 yrs
1 hour
$265 6:30-7:30
5:30-6:30 4:30-5:30 9:30-10:30
Senior (boys & girls)
Kindergym 5-9 yrs
1 hour
$265 4:30-5:30
Advance Kindergym
5-9 yrs
1.5 hour
$330 5:30-7:00
5:30-7:00 5:30-7:00
Elite Kindergym
5-9 yrs
2 hours
$395 5:30-7:30 5:30-7:30
boys & girls 8-13 yrs
1 hour
$265 6:30-7:30

Recreational beginner
(boys & girls) 8 yrs +
1 hour
$265 4:30-5:30
Girls Only
7:00-8:00 6:30-7:30
Rec Advanced B
Girls 8 yrs+
1.5 hour
$330 6:30-8:00
6:30-8:00 6:30-8:00
Rec Advanced A
8-14 yrs
2 hours
$395 5:30-7:30
Girls Only
Girls Only
Girls Only
Acro for Dance &
Tumble 7yrs +
1 hour
$265 7:30-8:30
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Start Date Mar 23 Mar 24 Mar 25 Mar 26 Mar 27 Mar 28
End Date Jun 15 Jun 16 Jun 17 Jun 18 Jun 19 Jun 20
# of Weeks 12 13 13 13 12 13

No classes: Friday, April 10 (Good Friday) and Monday, May 18 (Victoria Day)

*Price adjustment based on number of weeks
All prices include taxes. Payments are accepted by cash, cheque or debit ONLY.
Prices do not include a non-refundable $45 annual registration fee (valid from July 1st until June 30)

Sasha Sirenko

Has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and has worked as a coach of artistic gymnastics for over 40 years. Has been awarded the titles of Master of Sport of the Soviet Union and Merited Coach of Ukraine. She is also internationally qualified judge. From 1980 to the present she has prepared 3 Masters of Sport – International Class. With vast reserve of practical experience in preparing gymnasts, 6 athletes under her coaching received scholarships in the USA. She is also a very capable spotter, which is important in avoiding the risk of athletes’ injury. Most noted achievements by athletes she coached:

  • Olympic Games 1996 – 5 th place
  • World Championships 1995 – 5 th place and 9 th place in 1996
  • European Championships 1998 – 3 rd place
  • Ontario Provincial Championships – multiple All-Around Champions andevent medalists
  • Eastern Championships 2016 – 1 st place
  • National Championships 2016/2017 – 3 rd place

Nataliia Sirenko

Has a Bachelor’s Degree in Olympic and Professional Sports and Is a Master of Sport (International Level). Nataliia has over 17 years of coaching experience. Notable achievements:

  • Placed 6 th in World Championships in 2001 and 3 rd in European Championships in 1998
  • All-Around National Champion of Ukraine in 2001

In Canada her athletes’ achievements are:
2017 Ontario Provincial All-Around Champions – Level 6 and 7



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